Welcome to the home page of Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee. This website is designed to serve as a resource to the Chapter 13 “Consumer Bankruptcy” community. Our Office is committed to excellence and we strive to provide a high level of trust and service to the Chapter 13 debtors and creditors.

Creditors, debtors, attorneys, judges and others who come in contact with our Office should receive service which adheres to the highest standards of professional, moral and ethical conduct.

I invite you to browse through the various headers on this site and acquaint yourselves with our local practices and procedures. Familiarizing yourselves with these should ease the user in navigating through the Chapter 13 process. I particularly encourage you to review the section of frequently asked questions, which should address many of the inquiries or concerns you may have.

Please know that our Office stands ready to assist the Chapter 13 community.

Electronic Payment Options

Or plan payments should be mailed to:

Isabel C. Balboa
Chapter 13 Trustee
P.O. Box 1978
Memphis, TN 38101-1978

DO NOT send cash or personal checks, or internet bank checks. Send ONLY certified check/money order.

Print case number and name on your payment.