Abbreviation Expanded Description
ADJ Adjourned
Aff Affidavit
Am amended
APOC amended proof of claim
Assn Association
Atty Attorney
BF Boyfriend
BPO Broker's Price Opinion
BQ Business Questionnaire
BS bank statements
CAC case closed as complete
CMA Comparative Market Analysis
Co Company
COD Creditor's Certification of Default
COS Certificate of Service
COTBS Consent Order to be Submitted
CS or c/s Child Support
Ct Court
D Debtor
D (underlined) case dismissed
DI disposable income
DSO Domestic Support Obligations or Obligee
est estimated (not filed)
GF Girlfriend
H husband
HFJ Hold for Judge
HUD HUD-1 settlement statement
ID Debtor must appear for proof of identification
LOP length of plan
LP or l/p Last payment date
MA Market Analysis
MP modified plan
MRS Motion to Reimpose Stay
Mtg Mortgagee
Mtn motion
MVS Motion to Vacate Stay
NIMP not in modified plan
NIP not in plan
Obj objection
o/c outcome
o/s outside
OST Order on Shortened Time
OTBS Order to be Submitted
P & L profit & loss statement
PO proposed form of Order
PA or P/A pay advise(s) missing
PCC Pre-Confirmation Certification
PCSPOS Proof of child support is being paid outside
PI personal injury suit
p/o payoff
POC proof of claim
POI proof of income
POIns proof of insurance
POS proof of service
PPOC priority proof of claim
PTD paid to date
RE real estate
Rec'd received
Refi refinance
SFA or SOFA statement of financial affairs
SPOC secured proof of claim
SS# Debtor must appear for proof of social security number
STBD subject to bar date
SV stay vacate
T Trustee
Tax Dec tax declaration missing
TCOD Trustee's Certification of Default
TDL Tentative Disposition List
TMTD Trustee's Motion to Dismiss
TR s tax returns
t/s timeshare
u/s unsecured creditors
UPOC unsecured proof of claim
W wife
w/ with
W/D withdrawn
w/o or w/w/o with a wage order
0% 0% dividend to unsecured creditors
100% 100% dividend to unsecured creditors