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*Keep your username and password in a safe place – you will need them each time you log into the system to make a payment!*

ePay provides the ability to make your required monthly Trustee payment directly from your bank account, rather than certified funds. This is an instant payment system, via SunTrust Bank, that provides a verifiable, secure, and convenient online payment option. ePay is the only form of electronic payment endorsed by the Trustee.

Debtors must register to create a username and password. Once registration is completed, payments can be made immediately.

It is IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that the payment you create using ePay will be electronically withdrawn from your bank account and, within 3 business days, deposited into the Trustee’s bank account on your behalf. If you do not have the funds in your account, the payment will be rejected and you will be prohibited from using the ePay system in the future.

**IMPORTANT: DO NOT make an ePay payment unless the funds are available in your bank account now. If the payment is returned for any reason, you will be prohibited from using the ePay system in the future. There are no exceptions.**

Read the Quick Reference Guide before you register for access to ePay.

View the ePay Frequently Asked Questions page.

View the Terms and Conditions.

If the above documents do not answer your questions, send an email to epay@standingtrustee.com.

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